Best Practices for Healthy Teeth

Teeth are that part of our life which is taken as granted most of the times. We hardly care for it. But, like all other parts of the body, this one too should be treated as highly valuable so that it can last till the end of your life.

Teeth tolerate so many traumas throughout the day such as coffee, high acidity foods, and more. So, we should always take care of teeth the right way. Also, teeth health is vital to consider as bad teeth can lead to other serious health issues like heart disease. 

So, its always good to practice all the good habits to maintain a shiny and healthy tooth. And this article is all about that. We have shared the best practices for healthy teeth. Keep reading to know them. 

Brush your teeth properly:
This is very common that we all brush our teeth every morning to feel fresh and to remove the bad breath. But, you need to ensure that you are doing it the right way. Take enough time to brush all the teeth carefully. Brush gently and in a circular motion. It will remove all the plaque in between the teeth. The plaque should be removed definitely, otherwise, it can lead to gum disease and other similar issues. Avoid rough brushing as it leads to damage of the tooth enamel soon.
Brush twice a day:
Brushing your teeth in the morning is not enough. Brushing your teeth before bed is even more important than in the morning. We eat so many stuff all through the day. And this causes plaque build-up and other things in our mouth. So, brushing your teeth before bed will remove all the stuff and it will help you feel fresh. Also, if this practice is maintained properly, this will gift you clean and healthy teeth. 
Another important tip is to change your toothbrush at least 3-4 times a year. Some experts have recommended that brushing after 30 minutes of the meal offer the best result. So, wait for at least 30 minutes after dinner and go for brushing. 

Choose toothpaste that has fluoride:
Several kinds of toothpaste are available in the market. While some products claim whitening teeth, some claim healthy feeling and fresh feeling. You can choose anything you want but ensure the selected toothpaste has fluoride in it. Fluoride is a component that offers a barrier against tooth decay. It fights against all the germs and ensures a good oral health. 

Clean the tongue:
Healthy teeth do not just involve cleaning the teeth rather you need to ensure that you are taking care of the entire oral part. So, do not neglect your tongue. Tongue plays an important role in the oral health and this is the reason you should clean your tongue every time you clean the teeth. This is really a very good practice for the overall oral health. It will prevent the bad breath as well. 

Floss teeth daily:
Floss is as important as brushing your teeth daily. Even some dentists suggested that you can skip brushing a day for some reason. But, flossing is really needed at least once a day. And it will be actually beneficial if you can do it twice a day. Flossing removes all the stuck plaque in between teeth which can lead to cavities over time. However, flossing is not just helpful to reduce cavities and preventing plaque build-up; rather it does many other jobs at the same time. Regular flossing stimulates the gums and reduces inflammation kind of issues on those areas. So, do not forget to floss each and every day to have healthy teeth. 

Use Mouthwash:
Just like brushing and flossing, mouthwash too plays a vital role in oral health. You should regularly wash your mouth with a good mouthwash. Mouthwash does more than one job.

What it does are:
It removes the bad breath
Reduces the amount of acid in the mouth.
Clean all those areas in the mouth that is not cleaned properly by brushing and flossing. 
It ensures good teeth health by re-mineralizing the teeth. 
Mouthwash is suggested to all. But it works especially wonder in the kids and old people who can’t brush properly their teeth. 

Avoid tobacco:
Tobacco has a highly adverse effect on the teeth and oral health. Tobacco has several components which do nothing but damaging the oral health. Too much consumption of tobacco can lead to black teeth and finally in oral cancer. So, it is always suggested to stay away from such products. Avoid smoking as much as possible. 

Avoid soda, sugary foods and acidic foods:
Soda, sugary foods and acidic foods have bad impacts on the teeth health. And this is the reason you should stay away from them if you desire to have healthy teeth. Sugary and acidic foods create acid in the mouth which can damage the tooth enamel. Also, soda has their own acid in it which does nothing but ruinning the teeth. If you want to stay away from tooth decay, avoid the mentioned foods for sure.
Drink plenty of water:
Drink a huge amount of water every day. Water is good for our overall health including teeth. So, ensure to drink only water as beverage. Try drinking one glass of water after each meal. It will remove all the food particles from the mouth. Also, it will lessen the negative effect of acidic, sugary and other similar foods. 

Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables:
Let your teeth and jaw work a bit. Do not eat too mushy foods. Try to use the teeth as much as possible. The more you will use your teeth; it will create a bacteria neutralizing component saliva. This saliva removes all the food particles and plaque in between the teeth. 

Go for a dental check once a year:
The final suggestion is to visit your dentist at least once a year. Get your teeth checked up once or twice a year and maintain healthy teeth for long.

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